Visitor Attractions

Some congregations will wish to re-open their buildings during the day because they attract visitors and tourists. It is important to ensure that the building is cleaned before opening and regularly during opening hours and that the appropriate distance of 1 metre can be maintained between visitors. There should be access to hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser and items such as hymn books, visitor books, leaflets, pens etc should be removed. It is also essential to maintain records for Track and Trace purposes. Cash donations should not be accepted and alternative methods of giving should be considered. To ensure that the building is safely managed when open to the public, it must be always staffed. It is not permissible to unlock a building in the morning and leave it open with no supervision for the whole day.

Visitor Attractions can open in areas covered by levels 0-2, remain open in level 3 areas with protective measures as outlined on Scottish Government website but must remain closed in level 4 areas.

Some congregations may be eligible for grant funding from the Historic Environment Recovery Fund, which is open to organisations which manage historic buildings and sites that are normally open to the public at least 28 days per calendar year. This includes buildings or sites that attract visitors as well as those which are open to the public for specific purposes.