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21 July 2021

Updated information in the Unregulated Children's Activities section about hosting children's birthday parties in church halls.

13 July 2021

Updates throughout the guidance to reflect the reduction in physical distancing from 2m to 1m. Updates include new downloadable posters churches can use to display maximum allowable numbers indoors.

28 June 2021

Updates to Worship and Funerals and Weddings sections to reflect easing of certain restrictions

16 June 2021

Wedding Section updated to reflect latest guidance on numbers

11 June 2021

General youth Work Provisions updated to reflect the removal of upper cap on numbers for groups in certain protection levels

10 June 2021

Updates to:

4 June 2021

Updated PDF documents detailing what is and what is not permitted in each of the COVID protection levels

Updates to information about items used in worship, including pew cushions, printed materials and hymn books

Updated information regarding Congregational Responses and Congregational Singing

Updated information about singing and chanting during weddings and funerals

New information regarding Meetings and Organised Groups for Adults, including the need to appoint a COVID-19 Officer

Further information about hosting school events and prizegivings in churches

Additional information about visitor attractions

More information about registering attendance in church buildings

27 May 2021

Updates to reflect changes regarding:

21 May 2021

Updated information about hospitality in church buildings

18 May 2021

Update to information about children and worship, including Sunday Schools and Bible classes

14 May 2021

Updates to reflect changes in restrictions:

23 April 2021

General updates to reflect changes in restrictions after 26 April including:

15 April 2021

General updates to most sections to reflect the latest government guidance on the strategic framework including:

19 March 2021

Amended text in General Worship section highlighting travel restrictions, balcony/ gallery use and general safety provisions

Updated section in Youth Work section on outdoor Youth Work in Enhanced Level 4 areas

12 March 2021

Changes to introduction reflecting possible changes to communal worship from 26 March 2021

New Section on Holy Week and Easter

Changes to introductory text in Worship section reflecting possible changes to communal worship from 26 March 2021

Changes to Distributing Material section

New section on Scottish and Local Elections

29 January 2021

Update to Ordinations in enhanced level 4.

New section on Registering Attendance.

Update to insurance and maintenance sections.

8 January 2021

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