The Listening Project

The Church of Scotland is currently assessing the responses to the Listening Project. The Listening Project sought to garner the views of people 16 and older throughout the Church about their experiences of faith and church during the coronavirus pandemic.

Listening Project logo

As a Church we recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all. We feel it is important that as a Church we listen to one another’s experiences and share what we have learnt from this difficult and challenging time.

To help us do this, the Church of Scotland’s trustees initiated The Listening Project. We wanted to hear from all kinds of people aged 16 and older from across the Church, people of different generations, living in different circumstances in every corner of the country.

During this season of extraordinary challenges and unparalleled opportunities, this project will enable us to share our experiences; to hear one another’s perspectives and, in doing so, develop a richer and more complete understanding of what has been happening and what we should be learning.

By taking some time to reflect and consider, it is hoped that everyone who participated will benefit personally as well as contribute to an important shared venture.

The Church of Scotland Listening Project was carefully designed to ensure that you could share your experiences and insights with confidence, fully assured that your confidentiality will be carefully guarded.

We hope to begin sharing updates on our initial findings in the coming weeks through the website and our social media channels.