Learning disabilities 2018

How do you create a community of belonging for those with learning disabilities in your church or community? This conference looks to share good practice between those who are creating communities of belonging.

This fun and innovative conference provided foundational resources and offered the chance to share celebratory stories from those worshipping in communities of belonging.

People of all abilities gathered for the day to participate in a variety of interactive workshops, attend all-inclusive worship, and to share stories of their faith experiences.

This event is the culmination of the Learning Disabilities Working Group's work over the last few years in creating a suite of resources designed to equip congregations at whatever point they are at in their journey, be it reflecting, creating, being, or celebrating communities of belonging.

Missed the conference? Watch it online

These short videos are snapshots of the conference, including some first-hand accounts of church life from those with learning disabilities. There is also a film of a fully interactive and inclusive worship session to give you some ideas.

Note: the YouTube video below is a playlist. To view all the videos included in this playlist, select the small play button (beside the three horizontal white lines) in the top left hand corner of the box. This will display all the videos with their subject titles. Simply select the video you wish to watch and it will play.