The Narrative of Generosity: Following Jesus Into Stewardship

The Narrative of Generosity: Following Jesus into Stewardship is a new addition to the National Stewardship Programme. This is a result of an instruction made at the General Assembly in 2011.

The Narrative of Generosity offers a modular-based resource that teaches and reflects the great biblical theme of Stewardship. Using stories to motivate and enthuse, the Narrative of Generosity can be tailored to suit all expressions of local church. Congregations are encouraged to have Stewardship on the agenda of every Kirk Session meeting.

With more than 70 congregations already showing a desire to embark on this journey, we would encourage every congregation to contact us for an initial discussion, and to see how we can support you Following Jesus into Stewardship.

Read more about the Narrative of Generosity (PDF)

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