Faith Nurture Forum

The Faith Nurture Forum enables ministries in every part of Scotland, giving special priority to the poorest and most marginalized, through the recruitment, training and support of recognised ministries of the Church and the assessment and monitoring of patterns of deployment of those ministries.

The Forum also offers strategic leadership in the development of patterns of collaborative ministry which enable the Church of Scotland to be effective in its missionary calling and faithful in its participation in the one ministry of Jesus Christ, and operates within the following spheres of work.

Education and support

The Faith Nurture Forum recruits, trains and supports people for the recognised ministries of the Church of Scotland.

Partnership development

The Faith Nurture Forum nurtures and reviews strategic relationships with Presbyteries and other stakeholders, while communicating effectively and appropriately in partnership.

Rev Michael Mair outside Manse

Recognised Ministries in the Church

Ministries within the Church of Scotland include ministers ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament, deacons, and readers. Find out more about these roles.

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Ministries handbooks, forms and guidance notes

The Ascend website provides resources for those involved in the ministries of the Church. Resources include handbooks, guidance notes, and forms for candidates, probationers, ordained local ministers, locums, presbyteries, interim moderators, supervisors, readers, assessors, and nominating committees.