Dundee Parish Nursing

The Parish Nursing Project in Dundee offers health care, love and support to adults who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

It is very hard indeed for people in these circumstances to access the health care most people take for granted, such as registering and obtaining treatment from a GP, dentist or optician. Added to this, they are often in poor health due to life-controlling illnesses such as alcohol or drug addiction. The project offers drop-in clinics, hot meals, clothing, and prayer space. They work in partnership with other agencies in the city to offer a holistic service.

Supported by: The Steeple Church of Scotland

Wish you were here?

"One of our Parish Nurses visits a man who lives in a hostel providing social care for people with end-stage alcohol problems who are unlikely to be able to be maintained in other accommodation. On her last call, he was very ill indeed and she asked staff to call his doctor, whereupon he was immediately admitted to hospital. Following this intervention he remained in hospital for a fortnight and then was able to return to the hostel, although he has had two more hospital admissions since then.

He has expressed his faith at various times. It has been good to visit and be able to pray, share scripture verses and even sing some well-known hymns. She visited him recently and took him to a local supermarket for coffee; he was so cheerful and animated. He says he knows that it is not yet his time to die. He now has more peace and he loves his connection with the project. It is unlikely his health will improve and he may need further hospital admissions but we are able to monitor his condition and encourage the staff at the hostel to get appropriate medical care for him."

Go For It Fund

The Parish Nursing Project received a Continuation Grant from Go For It in 2014. Continuation Grants are available for up to £40,000 over two years.