Gateways is developing a new Christian community for local people, some of whom have little contact with the established congregation.

It offers a range of experiences including a monthly event – Gateways Gathering, designed as an entry point into the faith journey, and specifically aimed at families with younger children. Gateways Discipleship Group is one of the several 'fractals' of this fresh expression of church. Christian faith and life are explored, discussed and learnt in a safe, hospitable weekly event. Some members of the parish church attend, while some of the group also attend parish services. For others, the Group is their only contact with church. This mixed economy is healthy, keeping both rooted in the realities of the wider community.

Supported by: Hutton & Fishwick & Paxton linked with Chirnside Church of Scotland

Wish you were here?

"I was periodically attending the local Church of Scotland which I really enjoyed going to but with two small children and no room for a crèche it was becoming more difficult. We were then introduced to Gateways. This has really been a Godsend to us. We went to the first Gateways Gathering and have not looked back since. I continue to go to our local Church sometimes, but have struggled recently as my father had been diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and I struggled in the formal setting and cried every time the hymns were being sung! The Gateways team have been amazing. I have been able to continue my worship in a more relaxed setting.

We have made friends at Gateways and spend time with them outside of the Gateways setting which is lovely. Gateways has helped me maintain my faith, spend time with my family and allow my children to learn about God in a relaxing fun way. I have also made new friends and enjoyed many social activities. The support is always there for you but is never forced on you which is what I am comfortable with."

Go For It Fund

Gateways received a Continuation Grant from Go For It in 2013. Continuation Grants are available for up to £40,000 over two years.