Mearns Kirk Caring for the Community

The Caring for the Community Project at Mearns Kirk in Glasgow coordinates the work of three voluntary groups within the church: the Friendship Group, the Bereavement Support Group and the Lunch Club for People Living with Dementia.

They offer support in the form of fellowship and friendship to older people and isolated members of their community. They work with the bereaved, developing a safe and confidential space for them to find on-going support in their grief journey. The project also meets the needs of carers and members dealing with dementia, providing a stimulating and supportive environment. They have a great team of volunteers and they have made strong partnerships with other local agencies who can support this work.

Supported by: Mearns Kirk Church of Scotland

Wish you were here?

"Our volunteers work very closely with the members of the project offering one-to-one care. This allows time for bonding and encourages a good understanding of the personalities involved. It is the group's aim to provide as stimulating and enjoyable an experience as possible. As a result of this approach many success stories have occurred. We have seen: individuals who have not written for years write their name, a pianist who had not been able to play for years played the piano and recently at our Burns supper lunch one lady sang to the group who previously had been unable to do this.

It became clear at the beginning that carers needed our care and support too. We did not have a quiet, relaxing and confidential environment where this could be offered. The opportunity arose to provide this when one of our volunteers had a special birthday and donated her monetary gifts to the club. We were then able to upgrade a small room with arm chairs, coffee tables and soft lighting. It provides a calm, quiet place to sit and chat, listen to music and have some individual time."

Go For It Fund

Caring for the Community Project received a Main Grant from Go For It in 2013. Main Grants are available for up to £90,000 over three years.