St Rollox community outreach

The Glasgow based project is supporting those who are isolated and on low incomes, from single parents to Asylum Seekers. They provide a Food Co-op, Charity Shop, Citizens Advice Surgery, a Café, and lots more!

Felicia is just one person the project has made a difference for. Read her story below.

How did your project work with this person?

Felicia came from Ghana seven years ago. She fled from tribal conflict, in what is usually a stable African country. She paid £4,000 to a people trafficker to fly to London and safety. She was told by the agent, to pretend to be his wife and not to discuss her situation with anyone else. She survived by selling cosmetics in a street market. Shortly afterwards she met a British Ghanaian, by whom she fell pregnant. After being cruelly treated she fled to Scotland, where she was advised by a health visitor to claim Asylum. It was at this time that Felicia first came to the Project, to buy cheap clothes for her new baby. Sometimes she was given items for free.

What difference did it make?

Felicia was very depressed, being a single Mum without the support of a wider family network. She was also very scared, having been warned not to trust anyone. Felicia said that the only one she could turn to was God. As she renewed her faith, she met a volunteer at St Rollox who suggested to her that she should apply to work at the project's Charity Shop. Originally, Felicia was a diligent but very slow worker who was not punctual. On a number of occasions she had to be encouraged to improve her performance, so that she could be given a truthful reference with which to obtain employment, should she be granted Leave to Remain. Felicia was finally granted Leave to Remain, and has, after attending college, obtained a position as a Care Assistant. She is an active member of an African church and interacts well with everyone coming into the Project.

How did you know you made this impact?

Felicia says: "It was like someone had lifted a burden from me; chatting with people, learning things, meeting people in the shop. Everything turned around. I couldn't get a job as a Care Assistant without caring for people and having patience with people, qualities which I gained from the shop. St Rollox has given me everything I need to stand on my own two feet. I hope other people can benefit as I have benefited".

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