National Council

The different committees within the Guild are made up of representatives from every presbyterial council. Each committee is chaired by a convener and the National Council is chaired by the National Convener.

The National Council is responsible for the development of policy, relating to other Church councils & committees, appointing a General Secretary, overseeing the work of constituent committees & working groups and participation in consultations for the Scottish Parliament (and response to immediate issues).

Meet the Council

Marian MacIntyre

National Convener

Marian Macintyre
Shetland Guilds Together

Margaret Muir

National Vice Convener with responsibility for Events

Margaret Muir
Hamilton North Guilds Together

Responsible for ensuring National Council involvement in all of the Guild's major national events and inputting on smaller, local events.

Mabel Wallace

National Vice Convener with responsibility for Resources

Mabel Wallace
Lochaber Presbyterial Council

Responsible for overseeing the preparation of the annual theme and discussion guides and for assisting with the production of resource material and aids for local worship leaders.

Helen Banks

National Vice Convener with responsibility for Communications and Marketing

Helen Banks 
Abernethy Guilds Together

Responsible for advising the National Council on publicity materials such as the newsletter, annual report, and displays, and for the marketing of promotional items and participation in events such as 'Heart and Soul'.

Andrea Houston

Convener with responsibility for Outreach

Andrea Houston
Nithsdale Guilds Together

Responsible for liaising with the Guild's representatives on the Church's other councils and committees. Also assists the National Council in monitoring progress of the six current projects in its Project Partnership Scheme.