Ministry placements

Work experience starts during your period of study at university, where you will receive practical training in a congregation or working alongside a Chaplain.

You will see all aspects of parish life and get a taste of what it will be like to have your own Church.

Rev Anikó Shuetz Bradwell

Following graduation you will undertake a 15 month full-time placement, known as the probationary period, working alongside a minister.

Once your probation is successfully completed you will be ready to be called to your own parish as a Minister within the Church of Scotland.

What are placements like?

Explore My Ministry posts for a better insight. Probationer David and recently ordained minister John shared their placement stories with us.

David Nicolson

Hospital chaplaincy placement

David Nicolson

"Right now I serve as a chaplain in the spiritual care department of the main hospital in the Western Isles. This is my second of three placements as a Church of Scotland candidate in training.

One day I was called to the Maternity ward as the mother wanted someone to pray a blessing on her newborn baby. That was a powerful moment, where we all were aware of God’s grace in the room, and such a privilege to bring a tender, precious new life before God!"

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Dr John McCulloch

Local parish placement

Rev Dr John McCulloch

John completed his 15-month probationary period at the end of 2017. His final placement was in Argyll.

"The charge I was in has four churches (one in Lochgoilhead and three along the shores of Loch Fyne).

The congregations are small, but committed, and they continue to play an important role in life of the communities they serve. The challenge, as with many similar parishes, is how to engage with the younger generations who are largely unchurched."

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