Children's Resources

The World Mission Council has a lot to offer children and young people, from providing opportunities to get involved with twinnings, to learning about the issues our partners across the world are facing.

Here you can find our five-day holiday club resources.

WM Airways

This new Holiday Club takes you on a journey around the world to visit some of our Partners and the work they are doing. Follow the story of Moses and his journey with God, through daily themes of peace, hope, love, joy, and justice. It's everything you need to run a full five-day holiday club, including Bible studies, games, crafts, dramas, and lots more!

Professor Potty

This fantastic resource gives you everything you need to set up a Holiday Club for children in your area. It includes craft ideas, games, Bible studies, 5 days worth of stories, songs, and even a manual on how to make a Time Machine!