HIV projects we support

The Church of Scotland HIV Programme supports over 16 projects in 13 countries, including Scotland. This is only possible due to the funds raised by congregations throughout Scotland and beyond.


Positive Help, Edinburgh

This is a small Edinburgh-based charity, offering practical help to people infected and affected by HIV.  Our grant supports their volunteer transport programme, and will include recruitment and training of volunteers.


Presbyterian Community Services and Development (PCS&D), Nigeria

Working in Abia State, this project offers care and support to people living with HIV and AIDS, and does this through voluntary counselling, and offering physical and spiritual care, as well as providing nutritional supplements.

Igreja Evangelica de Cristo em Mocambique, Mozambique

This project aims to provide home support for vulnerable children. These families will be visited by the staff, and it is hoped to have weekly meetings with the children concerned.

Livingstonia Synod AIDS Programme, Malawi

The project aims to provide the necessary nutrition to a number of children and their wider families, while also working with the community as a whole on HIV and AIDS issues.

Ekwendeni Hospital AIDS Programme– Orphan Care Project, Malawi

This project for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), aims to provide good nutrition and educational support, and access to health and social services on an equal basis with other children.

United Church of Zambia, Mwandi Mission AIDS Relief, Zambia

More than 1500 people are accessing ART from the Mission. With the funding, they are able to supplement clients’ diets with necessary protein and reduce the number of chronically malnourished children.

UCZ Development Department, Zambia

This project based in St Andrew’s Parish, Lusaka, includes HIV awareness and prevention sessions, a voluntary counselling and testing centre, education support for 50 orphans and vulnerable children, food supplements and livelihood training for guardians and micro-credit assistance.

Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) – Silanga Parish OVC and Guardians Programme, Kenya

This project runs education sessions on economic empowerment, and operates a small micro-credit scheme.  They also hope to open a Voluntary Counselling and Testing Centre, and train 150 HIV peer educators.

Middle East

The High Council of the Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Egypt, Synod of the Nile, Council of Services and Development, Egypt

This project reaches out to the community through the local church and Christian NGOs, to raise awareness of blood transmitted diseases and to educate and change negative attitudes and stigma against Hepatitis C, HIV and AIDS.


Church of North India – Arunima Hospice, Diocese of Calcutta, India

This Hospice offers in-house hospice care, nutritional support, counselling, home-based care, and outreach services, whilst also promoting awareness-raising and challenging stigma and discrimination in the community.

National Christian Council of Sri Lanka

Working through the churches, their clergy and lay leaders will be trained in HIV awareness. Community based programmes will then be rolled out within the communities.

Church in Pakistan, Diocese of Peshawar

This project aims to raise the issue of HIV and AIDS through awareness campaigns among the marginalised and vulnerable community and to provide any treatment through the Government Health Sector.  They also plan to set up counselling services for people living with or affected by HIV and AIDS.

Church of Christ in Thailand - Sangklaburi Pakh 16 Community Project, Thailand

The aim of this project is to provide emotional, physical, economic, medical and psycho-social support to people infected and affected by HIV; it also provides education about HIV, particularly to vulnerable migrant border communities.

Church of Christ in Thailand, AIDS Ministry

This is an emergency shelter in Chiang Mai, providing holistic care for those temporarily homeless, or who need to be near medical services.

AMITY Foundation, China

This project involves setting up micro-funding to help families in the Longchuan Province build up self-confidence and health, and reduce stigma.


United Church of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands (UCJCI), Policy Framework for a Strategic HIV Intervention & Response by Religious Groups

This Project will train members of the church with the knowledge, skills and awareness of the critical attitude and response to the issues of HIV and AIDS, underpinned by positive values, healthy living and affirming respect for all.