Human Trafficking

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Our partners' experiences

People are too precious to be bought and sold, and yet they are. Across the world human trafficking is affecting the lives of hundreds of men, women and children on an unimaginable scale. The figures are shocking, but sometimes it is easy to forget that behind these numbers are real men, women and children made in the image of God who are being denied the right to live life in fullness. They also mask the root causes of human trafficking, poverty, gender inequality and poor education that make people vulnerable to traffickers. Many of our partner churches are addressing human trafficking in their countries focusing on rescue, support and rehabilitation, and prevention.

Rooted in the Church's theological understanding of the value of every individual person made in the image of God, this report recognises that human trafficking is contrary to the will of God. Beginning by defining human trafficking and investigating the patterns of movement of trafficked persons, the report is then split into four regional sections: Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, and Europe. Within each section our partners' voices are heard, their experiences are shared through case studies, and we learn about the anti-human trafficking work they are undertaking.

Bible study

A seven week bible study combining stories from our partner churches and biblical texts has also been developed so that you can explore gender issues further in your bible study groups and congregations. Each week comes with a reflection and discussion points prepared by people from all across the church.