Gender based violence

Gender Based Violence - An International Perspective View the GBV report

Gender matters. Christ came so that all would live life in abundance, but many girls and women around the world are prevented from this because of gender based violence (GBV).

This report is a culmination of voices and experiences from practitioners in our partner churches, who are taking practical steps towards creating a world where all can live life in fullness regardless of gender. These stories reveal the deep gender inequality in the world that women must contend with, which is inseparable from issues of class, caste, colonialism, religion and race.

Each experience recorded asks us to question how we approach issues of gender equality and urge us to begin to work as a global community of God's people, women and men, to challenge unjust practices, to support one another and to put an end not only to GBV, but the conditions that foster this injustice.

Bible study

Gender Based Violence - An International Perspective

A seven week bible study combining stories from our partner churches and biblical texts has also been developed so that you can explore gender issues further in your bible study groups and congregations. Each week comes with a reflection and discussion points prepared by people from all across the church.