Life in fullness

Get involved with the Church in Africa and the Caribbean

Whatever the understanding, experience or available time, the ideas below can help churches and individuals to engage with the church in Africa and the Caribbean and do whatever each is able to support justice for all and the realisation of life in fullness.


  • Allocate one Sunday this year to focus on Africa and Caribbean using the WMC service materials
  • Learn to sing some African & Caribbean hymns, especially those in CH4, in the local language


  • Take part in the congregational challenge to "Plant a forest in Africa and the Caribbean"
  • Prayerfully and actively support our Church of Scotland HIV Programme; hold a Souper Sunday service followed by a congregational lunch and support World Aids Day
  • Support a malaria bed net programme with one of our partners
  • Fund a scholarship for a key member of one of our partner churches to enhance their education and take the opportunity to build a supportive relationship during their study period


  • The State of Africa by Martin Meredith
  • Half a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Whiteman by Tony D'Souza
  • Blood River by Tim Butcher
  • The Next Christendom by Philip Jenkins


  • Buy and promote Fairtrade goods wherever possible and seek to be registered as a Fairtrade church
  • Actively support the work of Jubilee Scotland including the Break the Chains campaign and the Defuse the debt crisis campaign


  • Send a Christmas card to one of our partners
  • Write to your MSP, MP, MEP to advocate for our partners


  • Invite WMC members or partner church members to visit your congregation to share their experiences
  • Spend your ministerial student summer placement with one of our partner churches
  • Spend your study leave with one of our partner churches
  • Become a Professional Volunteer


  • Encourage your Sunday School to use the WMC Africa Resource pack
  • Explore the possibility of developing a twinning relationship with a congregation and community in the Caribbean or Africa
  • Hold an Africa and Caribbean night with food and activities
  • Hold a Games night at your church which helps participants learn about unjust trade world
  • Visit the David Livingstone Museum

Watch these films

  • Pray the Devil back to Hell
  • The Imam and the Pastor
  • One God One Nation
  • Blood in the Mobile