Living Stones

One of the great privileges of being part of the World Mission Council is having the opportunity to meet Christian sisters and brothers from so many different parts of the world and to hear their stories. These personal stories can be interesting, exciting, sometimes harrowing, but always inspiring. These are the 'Living Stones’ of today’s Church. Some are precious gems that lift our spirits and gladden our hearts; others are like solid bedrock that bring us back down to earth or ground us in deep spiritual realities, reminding us all of who we are together. In this report you will read some of these stories from people all across the Church of Scotland.

Get Involved

If you would like to learn more about the people and congregations behind 'Living Stones', you can organise a speaker from the World Mission Council to come and tell their stories. To do so, contact us on

To get to know the people behind the stories yourselves, why not try Twinning?