Together We Walk

Join us as we remember our common journey with the churches of Europe!

Whatever the understanding, experience or available time, the ideas below can help churches and individuals to engage with the church in Europe and do whatever each is able to support justice for all as we remember that it is Together We Walk.

Read our 2014 report, Together We Walk.


  • Allocate one Sunday this year to focus on an aspect of the church in Europe, using the WMC service materials below
  • Explore the background of, and sing hymns from other European countries using the resources below
  • Learn the Lord's Prayer in another European language



  • Invite congregations to pick a European country and learn about it, exploring culture, religion and history
  • Explore the possibility of developing a twinning relationship with a congregation / community in Europe
  • Hold a Europe night with food and activities using the resources below
  • Host a forum to engage in debate and discussion about issues which affect all Europeans, and invite people from other European countries to participate


  • A modern version of one of Paul's letters to a European Church, or to your own congregation using the resources below
  • Send a Christmas card to one of our partner projects


  • Invite WMC members or partner church member to visit your congregation to share their experiences
  • Reach out to migrants living in your community
  • Spend your ministerial student summer placement or study leave with a partner church
  • Noting the anniversary of the beginning of WW1, seek a link with a European congregation to learn more about the impact of the war on families, villages, towns and the church
  • Get involved in the Ecumenical Forum of European Christian Women's 'Pop-up Monastery' in August 2015


  • Dark Blue World
  • Babette's Feast
  • War Horse


  • The Luneburg Story, by Douglas Lister
  • The Waldensians, by Giorgio Tourn
  • An Alliance across the Alps, by RD Kernohan
  • Mission Implausible, by Duncan MacLaren
  • Religion in Modern Europe, by Grace Davie
  • To Romania with Love, by Tessa Dunlop
  • Along The Enchanted Way, by William Blacker