Caring for creation

Over the last decade, the Church has played a significant role in advocating for Climate Change and encouraging congregations and communities both to advocate for global change and to deliver practical steps locally.

Much of this work has been carried out in collaboration with other partners, including, very significantly, Eco-Congregation Scotland, which supports over 430 congregations across Scotland.

Current work also includes working with international development partners, such as Christian Aid, to highlight the human realities of climate change, work to tackle fuel poverty and climate change, and supporting the Church's transition in its investments to support renewable energies.

Through Speak Out, people told us that they were concerned about the impact of climate change and its consequences on people across the world, particularly the poorest, and on the planet itself. There was also a desire to move forward land reform, increase access to green space, reform agriculture, and tackle food insecurity and poverty. Alongside food banks, a number of congregations are supporting broader community food initiatives, encouraging the growing, cooking, and sharing of food alongside its emergency distribution.

How will we get started?

  • We will work with others, including the Investors Trust, to bring forward proposals as to how the Church can support the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies
  • We will increase awareness of the impact climate change is having on our global partners by highlighting and sharing their experiences
  • We will encourage congregations to develop longer-term approaches to tackling food insecurity and food poverty
  • We will promote and support pilgrimage as one way in which local congregations can engage more effectively and creatively with their environment