Doing politics differently

Through Speak Out we identified that people in Scotland have a strong desire to do politics differently and would like to engage with those who hold decision-making powers.

Our aims for Doing Politics Differently

  • Create greater engagement with politics, particularly with those who feel most disenfranchised
  • Increase the public's trust in politicians
  • Encourage the emergence of new models of democracy, including an exploration of representative and participatory democracy
  • Encourage churches to increase their advocacy work

The Church and Society Council works closely with the Scottish Churches Parliamentary Office, an ecumenical organisation that encourages parliamentary engagement with churches across Scotland, and resources churches to contribute to public debate.

Political projects and resources

The Church is involved with several campaigns and organisations working to create greater engagement with politics in Scotland and the UK. Learn more about the Give Me Five campaign, Meet Your MSP, Meet Your MP, Democracy Matters, and Challenge Poverty Week. You can also read more in depth about Participatory Budgeting.

How could your church and community do politics differently?

In the following film, Rachel and Duncan talk about what doing politics differently means to them, and give examples of how young people are at the forefront of trying new ways to become politically engaged. What could Doing Politics Differently look like in your church and community?

Get in touch to share your examples and inspire others to do the same.