Flourishing local communities

Through Speak Out: 10,000 Voices for Change we heard strongly that people wanted to see a deliberate effort to enhance community spirit and increase social cohesion.

We recognise that we need to be more deliberate in our actions in communities, which are much more diverse and where many people want to feel more connected but don't know how.

Historically the Church has been at the heart of community life, and although things have changed in recent generations, in many places the Church – both its building and its people – remains a key community asset.

Our vision

  • Flourishing local communities will be neighbourhoods where there is increased community-led activity and cohesion
  • Policy and practice at Scottish and local authority levels will demonstrate an increased transfer of effective power and budget to local communities
  • An increased percentage of churches, and those people and organisations associated with local congregations, will engage effectively with their neighbourhoods

In the following film Tony Stephen from Banchory West Parish Church talks about small steps they've taken to enable their local community to flourish.

What could Flourishing Local Communities look like for you? Get in touch to share your examples and inspire others to do the same.