Health and well-being

Through Speak Out: 10,000 Voices for Change we heard strongly that people were clear about the crises which the NHS is facing but were passionate about the need to continue to deliver world-class healthcare which remains free and accessible to all at the point of delivery.

There was a particular desire to provide more adequate care for the elderly and to address some of the "social evils" of our time, including health inequalities, poor mental health, addictions, and loneliness.

Our vision

  • There will be political consensus on the role of the National Health Service (NHS) and how it can be properly resourced over the next generation.
  • The health gap between the richest and poorest communities will have reduced significantly.
  • The levels of poor mental health will have decreased significantly as part of a wider societal transition to promote wellbeing and healthy living.
  • There will be more effective integration of health, social care and wellbeing.
  • An increased percentage of churches are providing wellbeing and health activities addressing physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health.

In the following film Tracey Macleod from Arbroath St Andrews Parish Church talks about the Havilah Project and the impact that this has had on the lives of many in their local community.