Investing in young people

Life is good for a majority of children and young people growing up in Scotland today.

This is not to deny that there are pressures on every young person in a rapidly changing environment, with challenges associated with social media and peer pressure. Large numbers of young people have become very politically engaged over the last few years, and there are countless stories of young people becoming leaders, activists, and change makers in their communities.

However, for a significant minority life is deeply and profoundly challenging. Child poverty is increasing and a child born into poverty is much more likely to remain in poverty. Through Speak Out: 10,000 Voices for Change, we heard that people were concerned about the children, families, and young people who are currently being left behind. People are also aware of the need for educational models that better equip young people for the huge moral, ethical, and spiritual choices that they are facing and will face in the future.

How can we invest in young people?

  • Deliberately encourage opportunities for inter-generational learning and experience
  • It is vital that children and young people are safe. However, consideration needs to be given as to how they are given opportunities to take risks within safe and supported environments.
  • In the Church's work with children and young people, we will need to become less concerned about the future of the Church and more concerned about the current and future experience of the young people we work alongside

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