Music for Worship

A collection of worship music intended to inspire congregations, choirs and worship bands.

The Psalm Project

The Dutch worship band ‘The Psalm Project’ has breathed new life into the many well-known melodies of the Genevan Psalter creating contemporary compositions that seek to keep the Psalms alive and relevant for now and for future generations.

Dutch pianist and composer Eelco Vos founded The Psalm Project hoping to make ancient biblical psalms accessible to today’s worshipers.

Psalm Project perform Psalm 62
Music arrangement tutorial for Psalm 62
Psalm Project perform Psalm 134
Psalm Project perform Psalm 22

Word of Life

Here is an instructional video featuring the Heart and Soul Swing Band led by Richard Michael, warming up, getting in the groove and performing the song ‘Word of Life’.

The song was written by Robin Hill and ties into the ‘Word of Life’ theme from Heart Soul and Pray Now 2017. Dedicated with love to the memory of the Rev Professor Duncan Forrester.

Download the Word of Life lyrics

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