Nomination Committee

Assembly Hall

The Nomination Committee is tasked with identifying members, elders, deacons, and ministers with particular skills and experience for serving on an agency of the Church. The Committee then recommends those names to the General Assembly. The Assembly has the power to accept or reject these nominations.

The Committee's task is to identify people whose skills and experience will be of particular use to a given area of work. It also seeks to maintain age and gender balance and a fair geographical representation.

Proposing individuals for appointment

There are many people with the necessary skills and commitment and your assistance as a member of the Church is warmly invited.

To submit a proposal, please complete a nomination form and send by email to All submissions need to be with us by 20 January 2021.

Please note that due to the process involved, late submissions will not be considered.

Nominees require to be a member of the Church of Scotland. Self-nomination is acceptable provided that the nomination is supported by a third party as listed on the nomination form. If you are nominating someone else, please approach the individual(s) concerned and complete the form together.

Once the Committee has met in January, those selected will be contacted. Inevitably, not all nominees will be asked to serve, though it is possible that they may be approached in connection with a different agency. Please explain this to those whom you nominate.

We welcome nominations on behalf of the Church of Scotland Investors Trust. These will be passed direct to the Trust for consideration, rather than to the Nomination Committee.

Any queries on the nomination process should be emailed to

Information for potential members

As set out in Reg 1 2013 Nomination of the Moderator of the General Assembly (as amended 2020), from 2020 onwards, nominations will also be received by the Nomination Committee for the Committee to Nominate the Moderator. Please note, only ministers, deacons and elders may serve on this committee.

The Nomination Committee considers membership to the following Standing Committees:

Nomination Process to Legal Bodies

For the process of nominating to legal bodies, please contact the Office of the General Assembly at the Church offices in Edinburgh. The bodies concerned are the following:

  • Appeals Committee of the Commission of Assembly
  • Judicial Commission
  • Judicial Panel
  • Ministries Appeal Panel
  • Discipline Tribunal/Presbyterial Commission

From June 2018 onwards, the Legal Questions Committee ( LQC ) will be asked to draw up a list of people whom it considers suitably qualified to serve on each of the bodies involved. If any forms are submitted through the wider nomination process, these will be passed directly to the Convener of LQC for consideration as to suitability.

The Nomination Committee will receive a list of names at its January meeting as agreed by representatives of the Nomination Committee, the LQC , the Principal Clerk, and the Solicitor. The Committee will then approve the list, subject to discussion, confident that it came to the Committee with the degree of independent scrutiny required. For the avoidance of doubt, the Nomination Committee will not receive any names other than those actually being put forward for nomination. The names will then be passed to the General Assembly in the normal fashion for appointment.

Nominations to the Legal Questions Committee shall continue to be handled through the regular process of nomination for all other bodies in the Church.

Our membership

The Nomination Committee has a Convener, Julie Rennick; a Vice-Convener, Bill Wishart; and 24 members appointed by the General Assembly.

Contact for more information

If you require any further information about the Nomination Committee, please email or on tel 0131 240 2229.


The Nomination Committee usually meets twice a year, in August and January. Recommendations are reported directly to the General Assembly.