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Moderator calls for new debate on access to credit

23 March, 2015

The Moderator of the General Assembly says society must debate how to create a new system of more affordable credit to help those unable to access mainstream loans.

Imam- Moderator

Moderator promotes religious tolerance during mosque visit

20 March, 2015

The Moderator of the General Assembly promoted the importance of religious tolerance during a visit to Glasgow Central Mosque.


Moderator celebrates Church's Hungarian connection

19 March, 2015

The Moderator of the General Assembly yesterday celebrated a special relationship between Scotland's national church and Hungary which has lasted for centuries.


New minister in Orkney relishing first charge

18 March, 2015

The new minister at Milestone Community Church in Orkney says he is "looking forward to the many joys and challenges that lie ahead".

Margret Curran MP

London Kirk at centre of pre-election debate

18 March, 2015

Around 300 people packed St Columba's church in London for a pre-election debate featuring leading politicians.


Deadline approaching for children's competitions

16 March, 2015

There are just two weeks left for the submission of entries for the Moderator's Medal (for young people) and the Stevenson Prize (for schools). Apply here.


Future of UK debate at St Columba's in London

16 March, 2015

St Columba's Church of Scotland in Pont St, London is hosting "The Future of the UK - May 2015 and Beyond," a debate on the issues influencing voters in the run up to the May General Election.


Church joins faith leaders’ call to eradicate nuclear weapons

13 March, 2015

The Moderator of the General Assembly has joined representatives of other faiths from across the UK in calling for new approaches to eliminate nuclear weapons around the world.


Moderator and son attend Afghanistan service

13 March, 2015

The Moderator of the General Assembly shares his feelings ahead of attending a service of commemoration for the Afghanistan war at St Paul's with his son, a veteran of the conflict.

Christians afraid to express faith at work, study finds

12 March 2015

Christians are afraid of sharing their beliefs with colleagues at work, a major study by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has found.