Music for Worship

In the coming months more music resources will become available.

Below is an instructional video featuring the Heart and Soul Swing Band led by Richard Michael, warming up, getting in the groove and performing the song ‘Word of Life’.

The song was written by Robin Hill and ties into the ‘Word of Life’ theme from Heart Soul and Pray Now 2017.

Word of Life

Words by Robin Hill; music by Robin Hill and Richard Michael

Word of life, true Word of justice
singing down the years,
lift your voice so all on earth might
hear you through their fears.
Your sweet song can stir the nations
from their selfish course,
leading them from exploitation,
hate and remorse.

Glow of life, true glow of conscience
gleaming in the night,
settle every eye upon your
pure and steady light.
Cast your warming beams of brightness
all the world around,
bringing hope to guide the people
where hurt is found.

God of life, true God of wisdom,
gentle God of all,
may the people make a stand
in answer to your call.
Through life’s troubles bring your healing
all our many days,
by your Word who keeps revealing
heaven’s gracious rays,
now and always.

Dedicated with love to the memory of
the Rev Professor Duncan Forrester

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