Video highlights

Video highlights of the reports and debates from each day of the General Assembly 2022.

Saturday 21 May, 2022

Lord Wallace of Tankerness

Opening of the 2022 General Assembly

Moderator Cermony

Installation of the new Moderator

Lord High Commissioner speech

Address by the Lord High Commissioner

Donald McCorkindale

Report of the Assembly Business Committee

Very Rev Dr Susan Brown

Presentation of Visiting Delegates

Very Rev John Chalmers

Report and Supplementary Report of the Assembly Trustees-Part 1

Monday 23 May, 2022

Monday Worship

Report of the Overtures and Cases Committee

Report of the Legal Questions Committee

Report of the Committee on Ecumenical Relations

Leo Cushley

Most Reverend Leo Cushley

Report of the Theological Forum

Church of Scotland Investors Trust Report

Report of the Church of Scotland Pension Trustees

Report of the Church of Scotland Trust

Report of the Hymnary Trustees

Tuesday 22 May, 2022

Tuesday Worship

Report of the Assembly Trustees - Introduction to the Faith Impact Plan and Programme

Report of the Faith Impact Forum

Rabbi David Mason

Report of the Faith Nurture Forum

Report of the Registration of Ministries Committee

Wednesday 25 May, 2022

Wednesday Worship

Report of the Committee on Chaplains to HM Forces

Report of the Social Care Council

Report of the Church of Scotland Guild

Report of the Iona Community Board

Legal Questions Committee (Continued)

General Trustees - Part 2

Report of the Safeguarding Service

Thursday 26 May, 2022

Thursday worship

Report of the Housing and Loan Fund

Report of the Nomination Committee

Assembly Business Committee

Archbishop John Sentamu

Archbishop John Sentamu