Kirk seeks name suggestions for new Growth Fund

The Church of Scotland is asking for suggestions on what to name the new Growth Fund, which was agreed as part of the radical action plan by the 2019 General Assembly.

Group of people at St Rollox Church in Glasgow who have previously been funded by the Go For It fund
St Rollox Church in Glasgow is just one of the congregations who have benefited from the outgoing Go For It fund.

The fund will seed and support local initiatives that create and encourage the emergence of new forms of church, tackle poverty and injustice and engage with people under 40.

Expected to distribute between £20-£25 million over five years from 2020-2026, the fund will be open to applications from presbyteries and churches seeking to grow and those seeking to establish new worshipping communities. The fund will be created as of January 2020.

Anyone with a good idea for what to name the new fund is invited to send suggestions to David Williams at

The closing date for suggestions is Thursday 19 December.

Sandra Carter, one of the Church of Scotland's Assembly Trustees, invited everyone to submit their ideas.

"Next year - 2020 - heralds change in the Church of Scotland, not least in the new opportunities for funding," Sandra said.

"In line with this new spirit we are looking for help with a name for the new Growth Fund which will spearhead grant-making for the next 7 years."

Serve on the committee

The Church is also seeking volunteer committee members to be part of the nine-person group that will oversee the fund's development and progress.

You do not have to be a church member to serve but must be interested in the Church and have experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • Grant-giving
  • Mission
  • Under-40s
  • Tackling poverty and social justice

If you are interested in serving on the committee please send your details and a brief outline of your experience, by Thursday 19 December, to

Committee members will be appointed for one, two or three years from 1 January 2020. Training in assessing applications will be provided.

At present a small group of people with experience in grant funding are working on criteria and guidelines for the fund.

The guidelines will take account of lessons learned from the Go For It fund, which has funded church-related projects since 2012.

Go For It projects have also contributed to church growth and renewal but the new fund will differ from the Go For It fund in its sharper focus on growth, mission and outreach.

Go For It is now distributing its final grants and responsibility for administering these will pass to the new fund.