"With God's help we will get through this together"

Christians have been urged to stand up and show the world that their faith is more than just words.

Rt Rev Colin Sinclair.
Rt Rev Colin Sinclair

Rt Rev Colin Sinclair said the speed that normal life has been put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic had caught everyone by surprise.

Speaking on the first Sunday that traditional church services have been suspended, the Moderator of the General Assembly said the future for many people is "very challenging" with no immediate prospect of a return "to business as usual".

Mr Sinclair said: "Now is the time to stand up and show that our faith is more than words.

"It is the rock on which we stand and the driving force in our lives.

"We need to practice faith, hope and love and not just recite them as a creed.

"With God's help we will get through this together and who knows perhaps the divisions in our communities and country that emerged over the last few years can now be healed as we work together."

Today is National Day of Prayer and at 7pm we are encouraging people to recite this prayer as they light a candle.

For all that is good in life, thank you,
For the love of family and friends, thank you,
For the kindness of good neighbour and Samaritan stranger, thank you.

May those who are vulnerable, hungry or homeless, experience support,
May those who are sick, know healing,
May those who are anxious or bereaved sense comfort.

Bless and guide political leaders and decision-makers, with wisdom,
Bless and guide health workers and key workers, with strength and well-being.
Bless and guide each one of us as we adapt to a new way of living.

And may the light shining from our windows across road and wynd, glen and ben,
kyle and isle be reflected in our hearts and hands and hopes.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.