The Church of Scotland shares much of its history with the reformed churches of Europe. Throughout the years since the Reformation we have shared ideas, preachers, aspirations and difficulties together. The 21stcentury brings a whole host of new challenges that we all must face together as churches in Europe and the World Mission Council is dedicated to walking alongside, learning from and working with our European partners individually as well as in European forums such as the Conference of European Churches.

Throughout our Europe pages you will see a wide variety of partnerships with churches that face many of the same challenges we see in Scotland: immigration, changing membership, economic hardship. Each of our partner churches in Europe is creatively responding to these and many other challenges to continue to spread the love of Christ in Europe and to serve their communities.

If you are interested in finding out more about one of our partners or exploring the opportunities of twinning with a European congregation please get in touch and/or visit our Twinning page. You can also help support the Church of Scotland HIV Programme by visiting our HIV Programme pages.

There are also European resources so that your congregation can hold an 'Europe Evening' or service to get to know our partners better.