Walking Together

Year of Young People at the General Assembly 2018

Young people led a wonderful event at the General Assembly on May 21st 2018. The evening was a celebration of young people attended by commissioners and visitors of all ages.

Watch the wonderful talks from the Church of Scotland's young people.

Journey of a young Church elder

Young elder, Lyndsey Kennedy, giving her testimony of growing in faith.

A young person's journey of faith

Classroom assistant, Emma McNally, talking about her faith and all those who have walked alongside her.

Former NYA Moderator Andrew MacPherson

Former National Youth Assembly Moderator, Andrew MacPherson, talking about the Year of Young People.

The life and worship of youth at Cramond Church

Young people from Cramond Church talking about life and worship.

Developing confidence in the Boys' Brigade

Nathan Orr discussing his involvement with Boys' Brigade.