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Each week we feature an online service from the previous Sunday and a prayer from the Weekly Worship materials prepared for that date. We'd love you to join in worship with us.

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This week we feature St Matthews Church's 150 year anniversary service.

Prayer of the Week 22 - 28 November 2021

Prayer of thanksgiving and intercession

Loving God,
It is such a blessing to be in Your presence
To offer our worship and praise
To listen to Your word
And to respond to You in the various ways You enable us to
And to know that wherever we are, You are with us
Receive our thanks.

Gracious God,
We thank You for the gift of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ
In whom we live and move and have our being
For the gift of life, of family, of friends
For our church community
And the many ways we connect with one another
We give You thanks.

Almighty God,
We thank You for the embrace of Your love
Your unfailing faithfulness and kindness
For Your care, protection, and provision
For the continuous assurance
That You are in control of this world
We thank you, Oh Lord.

Merciful God,
You know too well
That we worry and have fears
That sometimes doubts and apprehensions seem to overwhelm us
Often, our faith is little or there is none,
Yet you call us to come to You
Your ears are open to our prayers
Hear us now, O Lord

We pray for all who suffer
To all for whom this global pandemic is a daily nightmare
For the sick, for those who care for the sick.
For those whose jobs are affected
And who worry about the next meal or how to be safe
For those battling with loneliness and isolation.
Lord, be our healer, our provider, and our abiding presence.

We pray for all who continue to live with injustice
Whose lives are filled with violence and abuse
Those who face discrimination and are treated unfairly
Those who ask, how long before there is relief?
Those who are asked ‘what did you do?' instead of ‘how can we help!'
Lord, please grant that Your Spirit will move us to collective actions of love and care.

We pray for those in authority
As they make tough response decisions concerning the COVID pandemic
As restriction rules become more complex
And political alliances threaten social action
And health care workers and health systems become over-stretched
Lord, be our wisdom, our strength and guide.

We pray for Your church,Help us to find new ways of being a communityWhere all are truly and honestly welcomeWhere our liturgies do not leave out anyoneWhere we are relevant to old and new generationsLord God, make us Your disciples indeed.

We pray for ourselves
Give us a heart that trusts You completely
Grant us grace to do what is right, to fight for justice, and to speak up for those who cannot do so for themselves.
Give us thankful hearts
Heart that would see You in everyone, and welcome all as we would welcome You
Lord, help us to mirror You.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen

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