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Each week we feature an online service from the previous Sunday and a prayer from the Weekly Worship materials prepared for that date. We'd love you to join in worship with us.

This week's worship video features Rev Mark Johnstone and the congregation of Glasgow Cathedral.


Prayer for the Week of 7 August 2022

Prayer of Thanksgiving and Intercession

Loving Lord and Father of all, we bring You now
our thanks and praise for all You have given us
and blessed our lives with.
For the wonderful world in which we live,
for the summer season
and the promise of the harvest.
Give us grace to accept Your gifts
and help us to share them unselfishly, wherever we see need.

Dear Lord and Father of all
we thank You for Your still small voice of calm
that reaches out to us through the strains and stresses of life,
and in that calm now we bring You our prayers for others and for our world.
Heavenly Father teach us to pray with love
and understanding and grace.
Help us to see and to hear the needs
that are all around us.
Teach us, O God, to care.

There are those who are despised or avoided
because they are troublesome or difficult,
or because they are just different.
We could help them if we cared:
so teach us, O God, to care.
There are those we just do not like,
and those we think are somehow not worthy of our time.
We could help them if we cared:
teach us, O God, to care.

There are those we perceive as a threat to our way of life,
and those whose needs are all too visible as they perish from want.
It all seems too much for us alone to deal with.
Yet we could help them if we cared:
teach us, O God, to care.

And there are those for whom we do care,
those we worry about and fear for,
our own families and friends in illness,
or troubles,
or in danger.
Father, our care for them is not in doubt,
but teach us what we might do to help them better
and to bring them comfort and strength.

Lord Jesus,
Your Church is an ever present witness to your love,
a living echo of Your voice of calm,
we are a part of that Church and so too, we are,
each of us,
called to bring Your love into a world which needs it daily.

In all the needs of the world,
Lord, You are there.
We too could help if we cared:
so teach us,
O God, to care.
These things we ask,
in Jesus' name. Amen

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